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Default Re: Manual Valve Options

All good. It's all done. Got the 1/8" reducer and fuse today.

Full independent dual 1/2 lines. The left side via Graham White and the right side is the SMC solenoid.

I installed a dual battery kit while I had the whole box enclosure undone. So the twin 480's now run off the 2nd battery which is much nicer.

All closed up it looks like this:

Louder.. hell yea! Going to full 1/2" on all lines has upped the volume for sure. I won't bother with the 2nd solenoid. Opening up the twin lines (i.e. full on the manual and the solenoid open via the horn button) makes no real difference. Just goes to show that the max flow you can get through the horns themselves is pretty much limited to the 1/2" line.

Love the manual valve. Even the first stage is damn loud.
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